We believe that everyone has the ability to make their mark on the communities and industries they contribute to. At Crafter, we want to showcase those who dedicate their time and emotion to make an impact in their chosen sector. Our forth guest Sammy shows some of her incredible work above.

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50 ish 


Master Thatcher  

How long have you worked in your chosen trade?

35 years

Give us an overview of your role and what it entails?

Predominantly I re thatch people’s houses, re ridge or repair. I spend a lot of time sometimes at people’s homes so a lot of what I do may be social as a lot of my clients are elderly people by themselves. Thatching is quite involved with a lot of labour in grading the materials to start with to get a better overall effect. Skill is in getting it on the roof and it not leaking 😂  

What was the inspiration for going into your chosen career? 

Actually none, I just fancied having a go, I did have a go and absolutely loved it and wanted to learn to do it to my best ability.  

What parts of the job do you enjoy? 

Absolutely love being outside, most of the properties I work on are rural and I get to visit some fantastic places.  

What are the challenges that you face during your day to day work?

Challenge for me is to keep motivated as I work alone, good work wear that’s comfy has always been a challenge. Better quality wheat is sometimes a challenge if the harvest is bad. This year for example the quality is so poor there is none so that’s a bit problematic.  

If you could make any changes to your industry, what would you like to see? 

Actually, be nice to have a few more female apprentices coming through and older crafts be promoted to girls in schools. 

We all love to read books, watch tv and listen to music. Give us one read, one watch and one listen 🙂

 Sue Perkins, Road to Croydon. League of gentlemen (the British series not the film) Missy Elliot, Get ur freak on