We believe that everyone has the ability to make their mark on the communities and industries they contribute to. At Crafter, we want to showcase those who dedicate their time and emotion to make an impact in their chosen sector. Our fifth guest Sophie can be seen in her current workwear.

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Gardening and woodwork

How long have you worked in your chosen trade?

At least 5 years

Give us an overview of your role and what it entails?

My day-to-day roles involve moving soil, gardening planting new flowers, trees and vegetables. As part of my new job in regenerating different green spaces I will be on different sites moving things and improving different spaces by clearing any little, fly tipping and making new planters. I love woodwork so often known to making fences and planters. I love being a woman and willing to put my hands to anything a man would. I love the challenge of different jobs and learning new skills.

What was the inspiration for going into your chosen career? 

Passion for gardening, green spaces and well being 

What parts of the job do you enjoy? 

Anything practical and being proud at the end of the day.  

What are the challenges that you face during your day to day work?

Having the right clothing and tools

If you could make any changes to your industry, what would you like to see? 

More people involved in green spaces

We all love to read books, watch tv and listen to music. Give us one read, one watch and one listen 🙂

Gardening of the year

The holiday

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